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RMYTHEATRE is an innovative theatrical research and production company based in Beijing. Founded in 2009 by Chinese contemporary theatre artist Ren Ming Young, we devote our mind and body wholeheartedly to investigating and developing alternative narratives of contemporary China. This is commonly achieved through a process of recontexutalization of classic texts, close collaboration with sound/voice artists and progressive experiments on ensemble methods. Our repertoire includes 'Your Accent', 'Love's Comedy', 'The Story of Ni Huanzhi', 'The Tempest in the East China Sea', 'Restlessness: Stories of Childhood' and so on. We are an artist ensemble not for profit and independent of any means of regular financial support from the government or enterprises. Website:

Written, Music and Directed by Ren Ming Young

Ren Ming Young (born 1985) is a Chinese writer, theatre director, filmmaker, singer-songwriter, and a restless experimenter across multiple art genres. In the recent ten years, his innovative and persistent work has made impressive progress and achievement in the field of Chinese contemporary theatre. A series of highly stylized theatre productions including “Your Accent”, “Love's Comedy”, “The Story of Ni Huanzhi”, “At This Time Next Year” and so on, has aroused widespread attentions and controversies in critics and the public.


Wen Ming, Jiang Ge, Bao Yuanyuan, Tang Jiayin and Kang Tongge